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Title Searches

Title Search - In many instances it may be sufficient to simply obtain a Title Search of the public record. Typically this search is presented in hand written format. This hand written "notes search" can be customized to the user's need and is often utilized prior to the issuance of title insurance where an Abstract of Title and formal monetary "guarantee" of the searching are not required.

In any event Chicago Title will be glad to provide all your Title Search needs. Please contact your local Chicago Title Branch to place an order with us. For assistance with any of the terms above please refer to our Real Estate Glossary.

Types of Title Searches
  • Full Search
  • Continuation/ Redated Search
  • Last Owner Search
  • Limited Liability Search
  • Stub Search
  • Guaranteed Tax Search
  • Bankruptcy Search
  • Franchise Tax Search
  • Judgment/ Lien Search
  • UCC Search
  • Foreclosure Search